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LM Instrumentation partnership companies

LM Instrumentation's partners are each specialised in a specific field. Thanks to their collaboration, we are able to offer you a complete solution to your needs.



Maxima Technologies is a group specialised in engine instrumentation and control systems. Their brands include : Datcon (USA), Stewart Warner (USA), AST (Spain) and Cross Control (Sweden).  




Datcon, Dimensional And Time CONtrol was formed in 1970. Specialised in vehicle instrumentation, Datcon is a brand of Maxima Technologies. Datcon's standard products include a wide range of tachometers, speedometers, sensors, and accessories ...




AST is the European brand of Maxima Technologies. Based in Spain (Barcelona), AST manufactures and sells instrumentation products that are mainly intended for agricultural and industrial vehicle OEMs. AST's standard products include a wide range of sensors, speedometers ... 


Stewart Warner


Stewart Warner is a brand of Maxima Technologies. Formed in 1905, this company is recognised as a leading supplier of instrumentation to the off-highway and industrial vehicle O.E.M. markets. Stewart Warner's standard products include a wide range of tachometers, dashboards, mechanical and electric gauges, hourmeters, senders, sensors and accessories. 




CrossControl supports customers in making industrial vehicles and machines smarter, safer and more productive. Through operational excellence and engineering expertise, we are a trusted partner for OEMs and system integrators across the world. We provide powerful platforms for machine intelligence, communication and human-machine interaction, including displays, I/O controllers, gateways and engineering services.  




Noris is specialised in the control of powerful marine diesel engines. Their standard products include a wide range of :

  • Senders, converters, speed, temperature and pressure gauges and sensors.
  • Intelligent system to supervise shipboard machinary.




Nason is an American company based in Wallhalla, South-Carolina, and is specialised in components used for detection. Nason offers a complete range of temperature and pressure sensors. 




We are specialists in the design and manufacture of contact switches for all types of vehicles and machinery, especially hard environment.




Since 1928, Aquametro Oil & Marine has been among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of measurement, optimization and monitoring solutions for all kinds of fluids on ships, vehicles and industrial applications.




Off road products for various industries including displays, pedals and hand controls. Our developpment team can ensure software and also training.




Honeywell offers one of the broadest switching and sensing portfolios available in the industry. With products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to pressure, position, speed and airflow sensors, we have a product to meet basic and complex design challenges. We provide global engineering and service support, value-added capabilities and custom-engineered solutions that offer enhanced precision and ruggedness.